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Felipe Jácome is a documentary photographer born in Ecuador. After finishing his studies at the Johns Hopkins University and the London School of Economics, his work has focused on issues of human mobility and human rights. In 2010 he won the Young Reporter Competition of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Jacome’s photos have appeared in publications such as National Geographic, The Washington Post, Foreign Policy Magazine, The Guardian, Vice Magazine, and CNN. In recent years Jacome's work has taken refuge from the omnipresence and banalisation of photographs in the truthful and necessary nature of documentation. He has begun to collaborate with his subjects in the creation of “visual testimonies” that combine portraiture, writing, and artistic expressions, in order to explore issues such as gender, youth, resilience, displacement, and resistance. Jacome’s work has been exhibited in London, Geneva, Amsterdam, Quito, and Washington DC.



Felipe Jácome