We are witnessing an unprecedented refugee crisis around the world. Everyday thousands of people are forced to flee their homes due to conflict and violence. Millions have found safe haven in camps or informal dwellings where they live for years enduring the harshness of the elements with little more than a tarpaulin for protection. The beating of the grudging sun, the sting of the winter cold, the never-ending monsoon rains shape their daily lives with implacable force.

To reflect the global nature of the refugee crisis and their need for shelter, this project includes portraits of refugees from 4 different corners of the earth (Haiti, Lebanon, xxxxx, xxxxxx), and transfers them using a cyanotype process onto the very tarpaulins that have sheltered them over the years from the sun and water. The transfer of these images onto the tarpaulins is done explicitly through a cyanotype process, which in turn uses sun and water to develop the images.